The Art of Grief

Harmonizing the 4 Essential Pillars

The Art of Grief - Harmonizing 4 Essential Pillars offers a variety of holistic approaches to processing grief with attention to “easy peaceful coping” for anyone suffering from the pain of loss.

Who Are You?

You are made up of four aspects

  • Spirit

  • Mind

  • Emotion

  • Body

Grief is a whole-body experience affecting all levels of existence.

The mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level.

The body is always working together in harmony or chaos.

It is safe to say, chaos has taken the lead in most of our lives.

And, we don’t know how to live a life where all 4 pillars are operating harmoniously.

If you are ready to stop fighting against yourself, this course is for you.

  • the approach is holistic and takes care of the whole person
  • alignment between the mind, heart, and body, not just the mental
  • experiential activities and modeling of a variety of coaching techniques
  • based on spiritual principles and spiritual laws

This 6 week program is:

  • designed to harmonize and balance your life
  • build your foundation from an elevated state of intuition and spiritual health
  • establish spiritual practices that support and invigorates your soul
  • examine current mental blueprint for mental discipline and focus
  • identify common core beliefs about yourself and loss
  • support shifting from unwanted emotions to what it is you desire
  • bring it all together for a strong body of vitality.
  • create a vision for the future with easy, doable steps to follow.
Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Who Are You




Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA The Art Of Grief You Are Loved

Love, like grief, is a strong emotion. Because love is what you are, you will always seek it.

You will always have a desire to return to love.

It is difficult to access love when you are filled with the emotional pain of grief.

The Art of Grief process simply teaches you how to return to love.