Grief Recovery Method®
Pet Loss Support

Losing a pet can be devastating to children and adults. Yet, the loss is often ignored and replaced with another pet.

The Grief Recovery Method® Pet Loss Support is a proven system that has helped thousands worldwide. 

Grief Recovery Method® Pet Loss Support


Using our “Pet Loss Support Group Program”, will help you deal with the emotional impact the death of your pet or pets has had on you.

That impact includes the grief you might feel if your pet ran away and was never found, or if you had to give away a pet because circumstances wouldn’t allow you to keep it.

Unresolved grief is a normal reaction to the deaths of your pet.

It is common in the first few days, weeks, and even months following the death to:

  1. feel numb and have a great deal of difficulty concentrating or focusing on day-to-day activities
  2. go from numbness to inconsolable sadness and lots of crying
Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Coaching to the Heart LLC Grief Recovery Method Pet Loss Support

Whether you are still raw with the grief of a recent loss, or if the death happened a long time ago, we will help you take actions to deal with the unfinished or incomplete business of losing your pet.

The 6-week program provides a deeper understanding of grief and includes:

  1. Myths about Grief, Unresolved Grief, and Short Term Energy Relief
  2. Relationship and Loss History Support
  3. Recovery tools to address Incomplete or Undelivered Emotional Communications
  4. Emotional Energy Checklist (EECL), a tool used for multiple losses.
  5. Completion process to help shift the way you currently hold the pain of loss