Growing Through Grief Method

What is grief costing you?

Grief can cost a lot. Is grief costing you relationships, money, health, or career? If it is costing you your peace it is costing too much. Are you ready to return to a place of love? And, reclaim your life back.

The Growing Through Grief Method is a proven system that has helped thousands worldwide.

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Grow Through Grief Method


The "Growing Through Grief Method”, TGNM is a 24-week transformative whole body healing system that takes you beyond the overwhelming inner turmoil of grief to recovery. Recovery and healing from:

  • adverse grief and significant losses
  • adverse life challenges and stressors

So, you can recapture freedom, joy, and peace in your life. Start your journey today HERE.

Whole Body Healing

This whole body healing system is an elegant blend of science, spirituality, and practicality. You should expect a gentle, safe, and nurturing experience. This system not only offers a vision for transformation but also provides opportunities for clarity of purpose, a plan for the future, and building a family legacy.

How are we different from other grief support programs?

  • tools are easy to apply and integrate in your life, and done with intentionality
  • action-based system includes experiential activities with practical approaches
  • holistically sound practices address the whole body, not just the mental aspect
  • ability to maintain privacy, safety, and trust in a community of liked-mind individuals is what we are known and praised for
  • training is facilitated by a trained Grief Recovery Specialist and Certified Spiritual
    Life Coach

The 24 week program curriculum provides a deeper insight that automatically softens the grip of grief; and, includes:

  • a model for understanding how grief operates among the 4 essential pillars
  • opportunities for self-exploration and discovery of your heart-driven vision
  • practices to help you master a resilient mind that loves you back
  • exercises to help you sustain emotional awareness mastery
  • experiences and learned behaviors for living an intuitive life
  • activities that promote your recovery to a radically healthy body
  • harmonized experiences of alignment between the mind, heart, and body

You can register for this program HERE.