Growing Through Grief System

What is grief costing you?

Grief can cost a lot. Is grief costing you relationships, money, health, or career? If it is costing you your peace it is costing too much. Are you ready to return to a place of love? And, reclaim your life back.

The Growing Through Grief System is a proven system that has helped thousands worldwide.

Growing through grief System


Are you struggling with a significant loss that has taken your life from you. And, you are ready to transform and change your life? The "Growing Through Grief System”, developed by Professional Grief Counselor, Diana Curtis, aims to give you the tools to cope with your loss over the course of a year. You will be able to grow and have deeper healing and start living your life again.

One Year - 3 Levels of Progression

The program is offered in three levels of progression. Each level has a duration of 4-months. You must complete the levels in order. You will cycle through the 8 modules three times, focusing on different elements of the course for each level, integrating more fully, and becoming more fluent with the tools, principles, and skills.

How are we different from other grief support programs?

  • tools are easy to apply and integrate in your life, and done with intentionality
  • action-based system includes experiential activities with practical approaches
  • holistically sound practices address the whole body, not just the mental aspect
  • ability to maintain privacy, safety, and trust in a community of liked-mind individuals is what we are known and praised for
  • training is facilitated by a trained Grief Recovery Specialist and Certified Spiritual Life Coach

This whole-body healing system is an elegant blend of science, spirituality, and practicality. You should expect a gentle, safe, and nurturing experience. This system not only offers a vision for transformation but also provides opportunities for clarity of purpose, a plan for the future, and building a family legacy.

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Level System Explained

Use the Growing Through Grief System and progress towards deeper healing and transformation.

And, expect to get better and better and better.

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Compassionate Grief Release

The healing journey starts here with an extraordinary blueprint.

In this course, you will address any foundational issues, blockages, and challenges in life. And, experience yourself more deeply through self-discovery, exploration, inquiry, life skills, and visioning processes.

This extraordinary blueprint will support you in overcoming difficult situations and heal those parts of your body and relationship that seem impossible. You will start to heal current losses; but also a lifetime of past hurts and disappointments. Start now to reclaim your freedom and get back into the flow of life.

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Compassionate Grief Release

Level II is an intermediate level intended to provide a deeper level of healing and over the course of 4 more months, you will build on skills and practices learned in Level I.

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Grief Session

Level III is the advanced level of self-mastery, integration and application of all tools and principles learned in Levels I and II and takes place over another 4 month time span.

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Mentor Program

Become A Mentor

6 Month Mentoring Program

New challenges will always come. So, you want to keep growing. As a mentor, you stay in the community to help others on their journey, and as a result, receive advanced tools for mastery of your life.