Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Robin

Robin Harris

Working with Diana as my Father's life was winding down helped me realize I had been dealing with anticipatory grief years before his passing. It became evident through the sessions that I was too afraid to feel the pain of losing another parent. Diana’s compassionate approach and gentle stand for truth motivated me to no longer resist and attempt to avoid the pain. Her support was priceless.

By the time my Father transitioned, I can honestly say I was at peace and though I am even tearing up now as I write this, these are not tears of pain. Thank you Diana, for being such a compassionate friend who tells the truth with love.

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Maria
Maria Mantoudakis

Author, Tsunami to Greatness

When you lose a loved one, you need support from someone who can witness your pain with empathy; and, offers a safe space for compassionate grieving. I just described Diana Curtis. Above all, Diana is a Grief Counselor with integrity who knows how to get results quickly, unlock your closed heart, and provide you with new ways to be in relationship with the person you just lost. Ready to reclaim and reconnect to your life again? In my opinion, you should contact Diana.

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Nathalie
Nathalie Osborn

Author, Ignite Your Leadership

Grief is one of those complex emotions?

Are you feeling sad, frustrated, angry, or shameful?

Feeling guilty because you've taken a minute to laugh, have a fun memory or just enjoy yourself when you feel like you should be grieving and remembering the loss.

Well that's what I love about Diana, she understands that it's okay to not be okay and; also enjoy your life. She understands all those complexities and turbulent waves of emotions and she gracefully and gently guides you on your unique journey. A journey that allows your own natural flow of healing to unfold. And, to embrace strength and peace on your own timeline in a way that's authentic and real for you.

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Georgette

“Diana’s passionate expression for women’s inner strength and power has been evident since the first time I met her. Her desire to help others see a bigger vision for themself is contagious. Her warm, holistic approach to coaching continues to inspire me into action.”

- Georgette Taylor

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Stephanie

“I've never experienced a holistic approach to coaching and healing as Diana’s approach. She is careful to start with the end in mind by identifying what it is you truly desire. With a community of warm-hearted women, she makes creating fun through visuals that lead you on a path of authenticity and ease, resulting in amazing results.”

- Stephanie Henry

"Diana helped me get through a difficult period when the world was experiencing a pandemic and black lives matter movement. Her calm voice, authenticity, and comforting approach provided me with ease; and; the tools required to examine the way I show up in relationships. And, I was able to release the pain of grief and loss. Initially, I had concerns about taking the class on-line. I quickly realized the virtually led training allowed more time to focus on the material and gain emotional stability. The Grief Recovery practices just make so much sense. Thank you for teaching this curriculum and most importantly for being such a wonderful specialist. Verbal Bouquet to you!"

- Ramona


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