Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist Lawrenceville GA Diana Curtis Meet the Founder

Diana Curtis

GRM Certified Badge

Diana is a sought-after educator, life coach, and speaker with a history of life-changing successes in transformational grief work. She created the “Growing Through Grief System” to teach as many people as possible how to grieve with grace and self-compassion.

Diana has lived with grief since the tender age of 3. Her grief experiences began the moment her Mother, Carolyn Curtis, transitioned. After her own intensive healing journey, she trained as an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. Her extensive research around grief, learned tools and skills are necessary to reduce the effects of significant losses. Supporting others in their grief process and reducing their effects has been her greatest mission in life.

A mission that continues to help thousands of individuals move through the inner workings of releasing the trail of pain a significant loss can cause. Her signature grief medicine bag is packed with powerful grief healing solutions.

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